Why choose A1?

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Why choose A1?

It's simple.  We believe that everyone is entitled to comfort, style, and quality at an affordable price.  That's why whether you're a wholesale or retail customer, we ensure you get what you want, when you want it.  We've been working hard for over 50 years to bring customers the best pricing and service in the industry.

We prioritize our customers. Whether it's our foam technicians cutting your foam to size with the utmost precision, our office staff providing the answers you need, or our customer care providing prompt service, our goal is to provide a sustainably excellent customer experience.

We invest in our products.  Other stores offer you a smaller selection at a higher price.  We've built solid, multi-generational relationships with our vendors and we buy in large quantities.  This is why you'll find that we can match or beat anyone's pricing in the industry, while offering you more options than the competition.

We value our employees.  A1 isn't just a family owned and operated company, we're a family.  Most of our employees have been a part of A1 for decades.  We take pride in what we do and who we are.  It reflects in our craftsmanship and expertise.  

When you're considering your choices for foam, fabrics, and upholstery supplies you're likely to consider several criteria.  But, whichever criteria you choose, we think the choice is simple.  


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