Premium Memory Foam Contour Pillow

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At A1 Foam&Fabrics, we love our memory foam pillows. So much in fact, that even our owner uses them to sleep. We manufacture them in our California facility which is why we offer the best price and product for domestically produced memory foam pillows.
  • SUPPORT: Crescent-shape contour design supports and cradles pressure points in your head and neck for optimal comfort. Your head and neck won't sink to the bottom like down or down alternative pillows. Many of our customers report reduction or elimination of neck or back pain.  Sleep with less pain.
  • COMFORT: Visco-elastic memory foam actively molds to your head and neck. The surface evenly distributes heat and pressure and returns right back to its original form when you take your head off the pillow. Sleep with more comfort.
  • SLEEP QUALITY: Our ergonomic contour design improves sleep quality by reducing snoring, and opening up breathing pathways. The pillow does not make any noise when adjusting into your preferred sleep position, so you and your partner can enjoy a quality, quiet night's sleep!

*Our memory foam pillows do not come with pillow covers, but will insert easily into any pillow cover.

 Dimensions: 4 inches thick, 12 inches long, 20 inches wide