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Vendor: Morbern
Family Owned and Operated Business
Since 1958
VIP Customer Service
Market Applications: Hospitality, Residential Interior/Exterior, Marine Interior/Exterior, RV

Characteristics: Chemical Resistant, Mildew Resistant 

Flame Retardency: California T.B. 117-2013 (Section 1-Cover Fabric), FMVSS 302, NFPA 260A, UFAC Class I 

UV Stability: 1000 Hours WeatherOmeter

Weight 30 oz. per linear yard
Width 54" 
Roll 40 yds.

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      What are the characteristics of foam?
      Weight-true HR quality foams are known in the industry as a 2.5 lb foam with a firmness that measures between 11 to 70 ILD. Everlon is generally known as a 1.5 to 1.8 lb. foam with a ILD range between 18 to 55.

      Firmness-(ILD)Indentation Load Deflection is the measurement used to describe foam firmness. That means, the lower the number, the softer the foam whereas the higher the number, the firmer the foam which applies to all the foams we currently stock. 

      How long do foams to last?
      HR(High Reslience) quality foams generally tend to last longer than Everlon foams due to foam cell structure and weight. Under normal use conditions HR foams tend to last anywhere form 10-20 twenty years. Everlon(Nimbus) foams under normal condition usage tend to last anywhere between 4-8 years.

      How thick do I want my foam need to be?
      A few examples would be sofa seat cushions are generally between 4" to 6" thick, dining chair pad seating is usually 1" to 3" and boat cushion seating is usually 3" to 6". Foam type and thickness all depends on your comfort preference and your budget.

      For further assistance contact A1 Foam at (714)835-1181 or customercare@a1foamandfabrics.com

       A1 Foam&Fabrics Foam Specification Chart

      Product Firmness Density ILD Suggested Usage
      CHAR Charcoal 1.7 65 Camera&Gun Cases,Packaging
      CHAREX Charcoal Extra Firm 1.8 90 Camera&Gun Cases,Packaging
      ES Everlon Soft 1.8 18 Seat Cushions,Mattresses,Seat Backs
      EM24 Everlon Soft 1.8 24 Seat Cushions,Mattresses,Seat Backs
      EM28 Everlon Medium Soft 1.8 28 Seat Cushions,Mattresses,Seat Backs
      EMD Everlon Medium Soft 1.8 36 Seat Cushions,Mattresses
      EMF Everlon Medium Firm 1.8 46 Seat Cushions,Mattresses
      EF Everlon Firm 1.8 55 Seat Cushions,Mattresses
      HR21 High Resilience Soft 2.5 21 Seat Cushions,Mattresses,Hospitality
      HR31 High Resilience Medium 2.5 31 Seat Cushions,Mattresses,Hospitality
      HR41 High Resilience Firm 2.5 41 Seat Cushions,Mattresses,Hospitality
      HR50 High Resilience Extra Firm 2.5 50 Seat Cushions,Mattresses,Hospitality
      HR70 High Resilience Super Firm 2.7 70 Seat Cushions,Bumper Pads
      PM Polyfoam 1.2 38 Seat Cushions,Mattresses
      PM33 Polyfoam Medium 1.5 36 Seat Cushions,Mattresses
      DFM Dry Fast Medium 1.8 33 Outdoor Seating,Filtration
      DFF Dry Fast Firm 1.8 44 Outdoor Seating,Filtration
      VM Viscoelastic Medium 2.5 10 Temperpedic Style Mattresses, Topper Padding