Leather (Paseo)/Vinyl (Correo) Matching Collection*

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Leather (Paseo)/Vinyl (Correo) Matching Collection*

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A1 Foam & Fabrics Paseo/Correo matching Leather and Vinyl collection is crafted to meet the high standards of artistry, craftsmanship and performance. It is primarily used in the automotive industry for all interiors in Cars, Trucks, RV's and Motorcycle seats. The Paseo/Correo Leather and vinyl collection can also be used on living room furniture, dining chairs, bar stools, book binders and various other trim projects. 

Note: Correo matching vinyl is a 29 ounce premium quality vinyl with a excellent abrasion of 100,000+ double rubs. It is crafted to meet the standards of artistry, craftsmanship and performance that allow it to be matched up with the Paseo Leather. It is designed for easy upholstering as well as has an excellent stretch and recovery, providing for long term comfort and performance.

Note: The pricing on the leather hides is based on the average size hides of 37.5 square feet. If the size of the hide purchased is greater than 37.5 or less than 37.5 square feet, the total purchase will be adjusted accordingly to reflect the actual square feet being purchased.