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Adhesive Spray #7676

Our #7676 heavy duty fabric adhesive spray adhesive can be used on foam rubber, cloth, wood, cardboard, paper, metal and plastic. Foam&Fabric spray adhesive gives soft glue lines, which are completely...

Spray Adhesive #8181 Heat Resistant

Auto & Industrial Strength Heat Resistant Adhesive-Bonds to Headliners, Vinyl, Tops, Hood Pads, Carpets, Insulation Materials, Rubber to Metal and furniture. A1 Headliner Adhesive is a high heat spray adhesive,...

Spray Silicone #A1SIL

A1 Industrial Strength Upholstery Silicone Fabric  Spray stops sticking, lubricates and is specially designed for use in the upholstery and garment industry. A1 Silicone is non-staining, long lasting, industrial strength...

Weldwood Contact Adhesive-3 oz. #DCC3

Weldwood Contact Cement is applied with a brush on or roll on application for interior or exterior use with an instant bond.

Hot Glue Stick-10"x 7/16" Diameter

Hot Glue Sticks are a clear general purpose hot melt adhesive used for most craft projects, packaging and product assembly. Hot Glue sticks  bond to porous and non-porous surfaces and...

Vinyl Sauce Leather & Vinyl Cleaner

Vinyl & Leather Sauce cleaner is an all purpose interior cleaner for vinyl and leather products. It is a Bio-degradable, non-caustic and a non-silicone cleaner that easily removes the toughest...