Discover the perfect binding for your projects at A1 Foam and Fabrics. Elevate craftsmanship with our quality materials – explore our automotive carpet vinyl binding and order today!
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Vinyl Carpet Binding 1.25 Inch,Single Fold (100 yd. rolls only)

Automotive Carpet Single Fold binding is 1.25” width, Bison grain, single side folded edge and sold in full vinyl carpetrolls only. Our single fold Bindings either match our carpet or...

Double Fold Vinyl Binding-Clearance

Our double fold bison vinyl binding comes in 50 yard rolls. Special price is only applicable to the colors listed while supplies last. At over 70% off when you purchase...
$49.50 $13.99

Felt Binding (Rolls Only)

Felt Fabric Carpet Binding Rolls are used with Multipile&Spectropile carpeting and is sold in full rolls only. Needlepunch polyester felt Binding is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Needlepunch Felt...