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Spray Adhesive #8181 Heat Resistant

Auto & Industrial Strength Heat Resistant Adhesive-Bonds to Headliners, Vinyl, Tops, Hood Pads, Carpets, Insulation Materials, Rubber to Metal and furniture. A1 Headliner Adhesive is a high heat spray adhesive,...

Accord-Black/White 36"

Accord dustcover is sold in cut yardage and by the roll. Accord is a Synthetic material that comes in Black and White, 36" wide, 1.5 oz. per square yard and...

Burlap #BUR10

Our 10 ounce Burlap is 40" wide and is usually made from the skin of the jute plant or sisal fibres which are then woven into a burlap upholstery fabric....

Natural Canvas 62" #CAN-NAT

Our 100% Cotton Canvas Duck fabric is a 10 ounce natural colored canvas with a 62” width. Canvas Duck fabric can be used in furniture reupholstery, furniture slipcovers, table covers,...

Cardboard Tackstrip 1/2"x38" #TSC

Cardboard Tackstrips come in a box of 50 pounds per box with 2300 pieces per box and measure 1/2" wide by 38" long.  *Note: Online pricing is for online sales...

Cardboard Tackstrip Roll 1/2" #TR12

Cardboard Roll Tack strip in a roll is used in furniture on front boxing, outside arms and outside backs. Specifics:Roll Size 164 yds.Width 1/2" *Note: Online pricing is for online...

Cotton 70/30 Staple #COT-7030 (SOLD IN FULL BALES ONLY)

*****ALL COTTON IN SOLD IN FULL BALES ONLY***** Specifics:  Wide 27" Roll Size 18 yards Full Bale 20 lbs. California 117                  ...

Dacron Padding

Dacron upholstery padding has a multitude of uses, but is primarily used for furniture upholstery padding and is stocked in various sizes and weights. A1 Foam currently stocks 30", 36"...

Tack Strip, Punched Metal

Metal tack strips are used on the outside backs and edges on furniture to achieve a finished edge and eliminate hand sewing.  Specifics: Length: 24"Width: 1/2" 

Coil Metal Springs

Upholstery coil springs provide comfort and support to the bottom of the sofa or chair frame. Metal Coil springs are usually tied with spring twine which will give added stability...

No Sag Spring #8,#9,#11

No Sag Springs are sold in rolls only and are generally used in upholstery, bedding or car seat manufacturing and are most often taking the place of coil springs or...

Marshall Spring Units

Our Marshall Coil Spring units are primarily used for replacing foam inserts in sofa cushions. Coil springs in our units are individually pocketed in a sturdy fabric for better insulation...