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Sponge Rod Rubber Windlace-3/8",1/2"

Our Sponge Rod Windlace Door Seal Trim is available uncovered and primarily used in automotive & truck restoration and upholstery for the trim areas in and around doors and trunks. We...

Snap on Windlace, Black #SOT-BLA

Snap on Trim Windlace can be purchased by the yard or by the roll. Roll size is 100 foot per roll.

Seat Cover Velcro 1.5"

Seat Cover Velcro is a 1.5" "loop" style velcro used for installation of automotive seat covers. It is sold in rolls only of 25 yards per roll. 

Welt Cord-Plastic Hollow 3/32",4/32",5/32"-Cut/Roll

Sizes available in Hollow Plastic Welt Cord for upholstery are 3/32", 4/32" and 5/32", all of which are available for purchase in cut yardage and rolls. There is a $10...

Wire-On Hidem-Discontinued

Many Pre-1991 American Convertible tops and some Imports used Wire-On Hidem across the rear bow of the top. Currently we have GM White Repp grain and Stayfast Brown that we...

Vinyl Carpet Binding 1.25 Inch,Single Fold (100 yd. rolls only)

Automotive Carpet Single Fold binding is 1.25” width, Bison grain, single side folded edge and sold in full vinyl carpetrolls only. Our single fold Bindings either match our carpet or...

Felt Binding (Rolls Only)

Felt Fabric Carpet Binding Rolls are used with Multipile&Spectropile carpeting and is sold in full rolls only. Needlepunch polyester felt Binding is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Needlepunch Felt...

Seaquest Trims-Hidem,Seat Cover Welt

Seaquest matching Hidem is available in cut yardage or a 25 yard roll. Seaquest Hidem is made in a 5/8" no welt flat bison finish and is manufactured to match  our...

SEM 13000 Series Clear Coat / SEM 15000 Series Color Coat

SEM 15000 series color coat spray aerosol is a specialty flexible coating formulated to restore or change the color of most vinyl surfaces, flexible and rigid plastics, carpet and velour....

SEM 17000 Series Classic Color Coat

SEM 17000 Classic Coat color coat spray aerosol is OEM recommended for renewing or restoring your automotive, truck and RV Leather and Vinyl. SEM 17000 series color coat spray aerosol...

SEM 25000 Series Marine Color Coat

SEM 25000 Marine series color vinyl coat spray paint aerosol is a specialty flexible coating formulated to restore or change the color of most vinyl surfaces, flexible and rigid plastics...

SEM 38000 Series Vinyl, Leather and Plastic Cleaner & Preparation

#38342 Vinyl Prep-A strong solvent blend critical to refinishing vinyl that works quickly to remove soil, wax and grease and promotes adhesion of top coat. #38353 Plastic Prep 11.25 oz.-A...