Brushed Aluminum (Endurasoft)


Brushed Aluminum (Endurasoft)

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Brushed Aluminum vinyl is a beautiful, subtly textured vinyl that provides the classic look of brushed metal. It is available in three colors and features the Forbid Stain Resistant Top Coat. 

Market Applications: Automotive, Conference Room, Executive Seating, Lounge Seating, Residential, Marine, Spa, Massage Tables

Characteristics: Oil Resistant, Sulfide Resistant, Compatible with Commercially-based Adhesives

Flame Retardancy: 
Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302
California Technical Bulletin 117 Section E
ASTM D 3690 Class A

UV Stability QUV: 500 Hours WeatherOmeter

Weight: 33 oz. 
Width: 54"
Roll: 30 yds.