Leather Frontier-Acanthus Style Embossing (Special)*


Leather Frontier-Acanthus Style Embossing (Special)*

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Our Frontier Leather Embossed Collection is a limited edition leather. We currently stock approximately 10,000 square feet total in three colors. The embossing is done in a beautiful Acanthus style pattern. This has the potential for many uses such as seating, panels, handbags & wallets, cases and furnishings. Hide sizes are half hides(24) square feet per hide. The pricing on this product is very affordable for its quality, elegance and style. 

Half hides are between 20-25 square feet

Note: Prices are calculated at 22.5 square feet for half hides. Based on the inconsistency of the sizes of leather hides, if the size of the hide is less than or greater than what is being charged, adjustments will be made to reflect the actual size being purchased.

Note: To purchase in volume for this product, please contact A1 Foam & Fabrics direct for pricing.