Nuance (Softside)*


Nuance (Softside)*

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Nuance combines high performance with a seductive feel and glove like grip, just like real leather. It is designed to meet the standards of artistry, craftsmanship, excellent stretch and recovery while providing long term comfort and performance. Nuance's NAPA topcoat ensures that you will get a long lasting feel, durable color and resilient construction all the way through.

Market Applications: Automotive, RV, Corporate, Educational, Healthcare, Hospitality (Exclusively Interiors)

Characteristics: Sulfide Stain Resistant, No Heavy Metals, Formaldehyde Free, Superior Abrasion 100,000DR + Wyenbeek #10 Cotton Duck

Flame Retardancy:
California T.B. 117-2013
IMO FTP 2010 Code MSC.307(88), Part 8, 3.1 & 3.2
NFPA 260-Class I
UFAC-Class 1

UV Stabilized Pigments: Xenotest AATCC Blue Wool 1000 Hours

Weight 29 oz.
Width 54" 
Roll 30 yds.