Patriot Plus Contract Vinyl (Softside)

Adobe White #8501

Patriot Plus Contract Vinyl (Softside)

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Patriot Plus is a contract vinyl manufactured to with stand high traffic areas such as restaurants, conference rooms and offices, healthcare and hotel/motels. Patriot Plus is crafted to be one of the best in class with style, comfort and performance for the Contract & Hospitality Industry. It is manufactured with the PERMABLOK® Topcoat finish and comes in a rich palette of colors and is designed to meet the highest standards of craftsmanship as well as excellent stretch and recovery while providing long term comfort and performance. 

Market Applications: Healthcare, Education, Office, Hospitality, Restaurant, Theater, Hotel/Motel, Casino, Residential Interior, Marine Interior

Characteristics: AB2998 Compliant, Water Resistant, Formaldehyde Free, No Flame Retardants, Sulfide Stain Resistant, Stain resistant, No Heavy Metals, Anti-Static, No Anti-Microbial  Superior Abrasion 200,000 Cycles Wyzenbeek #10 Cotton Duck, PERMABLOK Finish 

UV Stabilzed Pigments: Xenotest: AATCC Blue Wool, 1000 Hours 

Flame Retardancy: 
California T.B. 117-2013
NFPA 260-Cover Fabric-Class I
UFAC Fabric-Class 1

Weight 34 oz.
Width 54" 
Roll 30 yds.

Note:Exclusively for Interiors