Thermozite Foil Backed Insulation Padding 1/4"x48" Wide*

Thermozite Foil Backed Insulation Padding (Single Side) 48" #FBP

Thermozite Foil Backed Insulation Padding 1/4"x48" Wide*

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Thermozite thermal insulation padding is an excellent product for heat barrier and sound reduction applications. It is made with Eco-fi™ polyester fibers (100% Recycled purified plastic bottles), comes in a standard ¼” thick inner fiber with a 48” width. It is available with the foil lining on one side or both sides with the purpose of the foil lining for heat deflection by increasing thermal resistence as well providing noise reduction. It is easy to cut with shears and can be handled with or without gloves. It can be used for heat deflection, insulation and sound deadening in cars, trucks, RV’s and boats around areas such as engine hatch covers, door panels, engine compartments and machinery enclosures. It is recommended to install foil down when you are insulating and USUALLY foil up on MOST other purposes.

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