"Basic" Leather (Full Hide) (UD 8/21)

Bark #BAS-BAR / Full Hide

"Basic" Leather (Full Hide) (UD 8/21)

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Basic leather is aniline dyed with an embossed natural pebble grain in order to create a uniform and elegant appearance. Basic has a very soft hand and a tremendous cutting area that is superior to other corrected leathers. Basic offers the ultimate in value for the customer looking for high quality leathers at a affordable price. 

*Half hide ranges from 20-25 square feet.  Full hide ranges from 45-55 square feet.
*Half hide prices calculated based on 22.5 square feet. Full hide price calculated based on 50 square feet.

Note: The pricing on the leather hides are based on the average size of the hides. If the size of the hide purchased is greater than or less than in square footage being charged, the total purchase will be adjusted accordingly to reflect the actual square feet being purchased.                                                  

*Note: Online pricing is for online sales and will not be matched in store.