SEM 38000 Series Vinyl, Leather Cleaners & Preparation*

#38343 Vinyl Prep (13 oz.)

SEM 38000 Series Vinyl, Leather Cleaners & Preparation*

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#38342 Vinyl Prep-A strong solvent blend critical to refinishing vinyl that works quickly to remove soil, wax and grease and promotes adhesion of top coat.

#38353 Plastic Prep 11.25 oz.-A mild solvent blend to clean plastic and leather prior to refinishing. It removes mold release, fingerprints, grease and oil and will not soften or distort plastic parts.

#39362 Soap Cleaner 16 oz.-A mild abrasive cleaner used as the first step in refinishing, gravitates into surface and contaminants for easy removal. Foaming action removes body oils and other water soluble contaminants.

#39643 Tac Free-is an aerosol, elastomeric, satin clear top coat used to eliminate plasticizer migration on coated surfaces.  

  • Eliminates tackiness on refinished vinyl
  •  Protective coating
  • Resistant to alcohol based cleaners                                      
  • Vinyl previously coated with Color Coat, Classic Coat or Vinyl Coat

PREPARATION: Apply one light coat followed by one medium coat, allowing 3-5 minutes flash time between coats.

Note: Color may shift if Tac Free is applied to heavily

Do not apply Color CoatTM, Classic CoatTM or Vinyl Coat over wet Tac Free. Tac Free is the final coat. Do not rush to install the part. Full cure is obtained after 48 hours.